Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 31, 2012

Cycling in the rain

I’ve been struggling with a very heavy head cold for the past 3 weeks so haven’t been cycling much. However on Sunday it was pleasantly sunny , so we took the opportunity to cycle to church as a family. I was surprised when DS2 agreed and DS1 got an old mountain bike down , pumped up the tyres and we were off. It’s not a long ride just over 2.5 miles but there was no hanging about. However, by the time church finished 3 hrs later it started to rain. Still not too bad and DS2 made it home. I have to say here that he has sensory integration dysfunction and has always had a bit of a problem feeling rain on him . We didnt know when he was small that this was the problem and in part it was the reason we gave up on family cycling when he was about 8 or 9.
Anyway, I was reading The Folding Bike blog and he had a piece about cycling in the rain. It spurred me on to go out this morning. I donned my Paramo jacket , homemade Pertex over trousers and Gortex shoes and went out. The wind was blowing hard and the rain came down heavily but still I enjoyed a short ride.
This afternoon DH and I went out but in the car. He is still coughing a lot but we needed to go and buy a toilet seat for a friend who has broken her hip. The seat got broken in the fall. While at the DIY place , I went to Halfords on the same site and bought this little beauty.


It’s a helmet light with a forward white light and rear red with 3 different modes. 1. Steady white, flashing red 2. Both flashing 3. Both steady on. I hope that this will make me more visible when in the rain. It does seem to have been relentless rain this year. We can only hope it will dry up a bit in the new year.


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