Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 12, 2012

Brrrr… It’s chilly

Well, I’m sitting here looking like a sick Rudolph with a nose that is as red and shiny but with streaming eyes and nose. So I thought I’d take some time to update the blog as I have still been out cycling .
The weather has continued to be poor with more rain and a little snow but today is dry , fairly bright but cold.
On Saturday, I had a solo ride as I wanted to see a young friend leaving for her wedding. As I have an intolerance to perfumes, I was unable to attend the ceremony as it makes me ill. So I waited for her to leave the house and she looked beautiful in her modest, long sleeved dress and faux fur stole. I have known her all her life , so I was a bit sad not to see her married.
So after seeing her, I went to cycle the river run. DS and DH had cycled off to Saltburn. First though , I called in and left my bike at the Cycle Centre in the bus station at Middlesbrough . I was then able to find a new wool shop in the Cleveland Centre knowing my bike was safe from bike thieves. I bought some merino wool for a sweater to wear when cycling.
Along the river, there was a cold north westerly wind blowing but it felt good to be out.

I passed under the A19 before heading into Stockton where there are some major roadworks taking place. I decided to head up through the market place to avoid that area. There is still a lot of water under one of the bridges. Here’s a photo so that I hope you can see. It’s pouring out of a drain in the wall onto the road and its very deep on one side.

Further round my route, there is still flooding on the grass as the ground water level is so high at present . Just here , there’s a frost pocket so the water was frozen here.

Today, I had to take my car in for a repair. So despite the cold , I took the Dahon in the car and then was able to cycle home up through Albert Park where the park lake was frozen and only the swans had a small area to swim in. Most of the ducks and seagulls were sitting on the ice. How do they do that without freezing there behinds?



  1. That water under the bridge looks like it could be dangerous if it freezes Brenda….Hope that you feel a bit better soon…

    • Hi Trevor, it can be tricky at the best of times as it has a smooth metal manhole cover right where you should cycle. Fortunately , it is light controlled so it can be avoided most times. Thanks for your concern

  2. I hope you’re a bit better now Brenda. I am still blowing my nose enthusiastically, don’t know where it all comes from. It does look very bleak certainly. I love the NE but do not envy you your winters.

    My Dad had the same sensitivity to perfume and I had to always remember not to put any on if I was going there. It must make life quite difficult at times since people seem to bathe in it.

    • Hi Ann Marie I’m a bit better thanks but DH is down with it . I’ll be glad when my nose doesn’t feel so congested and I can get out on my bike.

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  3. You’ll suddenly find your nose clear like me. I’m fine now, I’ve been bunged up until yesterday I think, and yesterday felt very tired but bouncing today as well as the sciatica will let me.

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