Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 1, 2012

Rain, Sun, Ice

Well, we have had some really wet weather . People I know who are over 90 years old have told me , they have seen nothing like it. I haven’t either .
There has been some localised flooding but my heart goes out to those who have lost everything in the floods.
In Whitby, 2 landslides have resulted in old jet miners cottages that are over 140 years old having to be demolished, leaving people homeless and unable to get their possessions. It is tragic.
Continuous rain, allowed me time to finish the baby quilt. Here it is.

I like to work spontaneously and it is not meant to have a definite traditional pattern.
I have also finished knitting my Norweigan cardigan but I am waiting for buttons to arrive. I have had to order them on the Internet as I couldn’t buy enough locally. I will show this next time.
The rain finally stopped so I was able to get a ride on the Koga. It was strange after riding the Dahon more recently . It must be due to the different riding position but within 20 yards I was back into the swing of it. It was bright with a blue sky but very cold with an air temperature of 1C and plenty of frost still on the grass at 1.00pm. We just rode a variation on the river ride we usually do.

The ice was very slippery so we got off and walked part of the path down to the river.
During the night it rained heavily again but not too long after dawn it dried up. The sun came out so we decided to have another ride as it was Saturday. We thought we might get a longer ride but it wasn’t to be. The roads had been gritted but not the paths and DS1 came off on a slippery section that I decided to walk. I actually got off onto the grass as it was safer. The ice was like glass so I think it must have been rain that had frozen.

I bought myself a new Paramo Velez adventure smock. The shop I got it from had a big discount so I decided to treat myself. When I’ve used it for a while I will do a review of it. I have other clothing from this company and after sales service had been superb.

Hope you are all keeping well .


  1. Hello from Frugaldom! Pleased to have found your blog and will be following your cycling adventures. Having just found myself without a car (it finally became a non-frugal fix and went to scrapyard heaven yesterday), I now need to get on my borrowed bike and learn to pedal, once more.

    Love the quilt, very vibrant, and hope those buttons show up soon.

    Many thanks for sharing and take care on the ice!


    • Hi Susan
      Great to hear from you. Glad the stuff arrived. My buttons came today but I have to admit they were not a frugal buy but set the jacket off well. Hope to get them stitched on tonight . I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have to admire your sticking to your plan. Hope your McGonk venture goes well

  2. Hello there!

    Firstable, congratulations!
    My name is Rubens, i´m from Sao Paulo/Brasil e i´m going to travel by bike in Europe in 2013/2014.
    What is your bike model?
    Is it possible to find some used bike like your?
    If yes, how much $$?

    Thanks a lot.

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