Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 27, 2012

First snow of the winter

I was going to say 1st snow of the year but that would be incorrect. After the summer like weather in March, we had snow in April. I heard it raining before I got up out of bed this morning.
Imagine my surprise to be greeted by this as I opened the curtains .

I had a brief foray on the Dahon yesterday, dodging showers but this past week has been so gloomy. If today improves then I will go out for another short ride but will wait to see how it goes. Otherwise , it’s back to my knitting.



  1. Mind you it’s always nice to have an excuse to knit 🙂 I’ve finally admitted to needing reading glasses (grrrr) and it’s lovely to be able to pick up the needles again after a year.

    • Well I have 2 cardigans on the go. A grey Aran for my DS 1 and a Norweigan one for myself. The snow didn’t stay but we’ve had torrential rains and very high winds so cycling has been a bit limited.

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