Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 21, 2012

After the rain, the sun

Well, this week we have had more torrential rains, mostly at night but the days have been grey and dreich. However, yesterday was sunny, most of the day.
DS1 had arranged to meet up with Andy, one of the other Sustrans rangers to check the signage on NCN 1 that goes through our area. We , DH and I weren’t sure of our plans do rode with him up to Kirkleatham Hall where the meeting point was. DS has lost 2 sts in weight and so we were cycling much better. We got up there in 45 minutes . It was lovely in the sunshine but chilly in the shadows.

Here is the fountain in front of the hall. Andy arrived about 10 minutes after us but the cafe wasn’t open so we had a chat. He has a Dahon Speed TR and we discussed the model. He asked if I thought it is bulky when folded. It was only later in the day that I was thinking about it and the light went on. I was asked if I wanted an internal or an external fold for the handle bars. I chose internal and so that is why mine is compact .
DS 1 and Andy went into the cafe and DH and I set off towards Marske. At Plantation lane we took a cycle link down into Redcar. We have used this track before but missed a turning in the housing estate. We carried on in the general direction to pick up the route again near the racecourse. We followed it through the town and onto the coast road. The promenade is still being renovated . Once in Marske we were debating which way to go when a couple of lads on mountain bikes, with backpacks passed us. They were riding to Whitby following NCN1.
We decided to go to New Marske and met Richard and Phil, 2 other Sustrans rangers who do a sterling job keeping the path clear in Saltburn . Phil directed us to a cycle path that crosses the bypass road. I have driven under it hundreds of times and never noticed it before .
From New Marske we headed uphill to Errington woods were we stopped and made a drink to have with home made ginger cake courtesy of DH. I used the triad stove with a homemade meths burner to boil the water. It took 8 minutes for a litre and a smidge.

The views from the picnic area are good so I took one looking over the industrial area which used to keep a lot of people employed.

From here we cycled down through Dinsdale and into Guisbrough where we stopped at the market to buy oranges. We then rode up past Pinchinthorpe and on through Great Ayton and as we did so clouds began bubbling up. So once in Stokesley we made the decision to ride the most direct route home. Neither of us fancied a soaking. It actually didn’t rain but that gave me more time to work on the cardigan I am knitting. 40 miles today.

As an aside, I was watching a tv programme on Friday where Felicity Kendall was being interviewed. She is 66 and the interviewer said she is in her 7th decade. It made me think. Maths never was my strong point. This blog should really be called cycling in the 7th decade!! I don’t feel that old.



  1. Your posts always remind me of how close everything is in the UK, even in the country. I’m slightly envious of that. I have childhood memories of Sunday morning walks that could meander through several villages in the space of a few miles.

    I figure stay in denial and stick with the sixth decade. There are times when slightly vague mathmatics can be good for the soul!

    • Hi BB, yes everything is close but that means it is also quite crowded, even on the minor roads on occasion. I ride with a helmet mirror and a handlebar mirror so I can keep my eye on following traffic . The colour on the trees is just wonderful this autumn, you would enjoy it. I am just sticking withy original blog name as I don’t feel my age.

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  2. Yes, the UK road ave very crowded, particularly where I live. Narrow lanes might be picturesque but that means a car coming round the bend doesn’t always see you until the last minute.

    It’s a shame about the closure of the industrial areas, nice to see it open spaces but many people lost jobs and the country lost our industrial heritage and don’t produce much any more.

    • The steel works have recently reopened but there is still huge unemployment here in the N E. my DS is one of them. Volunteering with Sustrans is one way he keeps busy.

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