Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 13, 2012

Autumnal cycling

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I last got time to post. The weather has been very mixed but more on that later. Last weekend was general conference of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is broadcast worldwide and my son was setting up the satellite link at Billingham. The folder came in very useful as the menfolk in my family all left early on Sunday morning in the car. It was a glorious autumn day so I suggested I could ride across to save time and fuel. As it was such a beautiful day, I decided to go the long way round and went down through Albert park. The trees looked wonderful as the colours begin to change. I got this photo across the lake.

I’ve been using the Dahon folder to visit clients at home and also for short runs when it’s easier than unlocking the Koga. I have to say that it’s running we’ll apart from a bit of trouble staying in the 5th gear. I’ve done about 50 miles on it so far and both DS1 and DH are impressed that I seem as fast on it. I have changed the saddle to the one I bought when on our summer trip. DS1 has snaffled the one off the Dahon and he finds it comfortable but I didn’t . I definitely am more comfortable on a specific ladies saddle.
DH and I did another ride together today . In Stockton on Tees, they have started extensive road works at a roundabout we use. They have even closed the pavement so it’s become very scary when the traffic is heavy . As it was Saturday morning we decided to avoid the area and we spotted this topiary .

We haven’t noticed it before as it is near a footbridge that has to be walked over with steps and a very narrow ledge to push the bikes up.
We cycled over to Darlington following route 14. In the past two weeks we have had some very heavy rainy days resulting in severe flooding. There’s a short tunnel on the route and it was flooded. DH said he would try getting through and did do with no difficulties. I set off and got soaking wet feet. Fortunately I has 2 pairs of socks on , one of which are home knitted wool socks. The others were cycle specific MTB socks and soaked up most of the water . I took them off and slipped them under bungee cords, and put the wool socks back on and my feet remained warm but damp.
In Darlington I visited the fabric stall in the indoor market and got some fine jersey to make a new top. We cycled back the way we had come but avoided flooding at the Whinneys nature reserve by going through Middleton St George. We also turned off in Elton to avoid the tunnel and cycled up through Egglescliffe and Preston park before returning home via Thornaby. 36 miles today.



  1. I always think that Autumn is a great time of year for getting out and riding on the bike…..

    • Hi Trevor ,
      I love the autumn. It’s not too hot when riding but not do cold that your fingers and toes freeze.

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying your Dahon and getting good use out of it. I hope the weather keeps well for you this weekend.

    • Thanks Ann Marie. I haven’t used it at all this week because of the rain we’ve been having. I hope it’s better at the weekend. Mind I will be on the Koga if out with DH

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  3. It’s surprising isn’t it, how often you reach for the folder when the ride doesn’t actually require you to fold it? They’re just zippy, little machines . . . the Vespa of bicycles 🙂

    • DH asked me which I prefer to ride. The Koga is wonderful for longer rides but you are right, the Dahon is zippy. Mine has internal fold handlebars so it is quite compact. I keep it in my surgery and the number of patients who comment on it, is amazing. I have demonstrated the unfolding for about a quarter of the people I see. We had really foul weather last week so no home visits on it I’m afraid . DH was worried because of the high winds as well as torrential rain.

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  4. I disagree! I still am stunned this keeps happening time and time again these days. I was relieved I was not jogging. We would love to have wondered what will happen to this. I will need to know the problem moving forward.

    • Hi Abbey, Please could you specify what you disagree with. Ive reread the post but not sure what you are referring to.
      Thanks for reading

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