Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 30, 2012

Autumn quilt show and cycling

Well this weekends quilt group but on its exhibition. We went over on Friday night to help set up the smaller stuff and put up the big stands ready for hanging the large quilts. We needed to be over there at 8.00am on Saturday morning. We knew the weather was due to be OK and DS1 wanted to go cycling so we all cycled over to Egglescliffe going through Preston Park on the way there. We got all the quilts hung by 9.30 am and we then went out for a ride . We cycled through Yarm high street and then up the bank past the Grammar School and up to the Kirk Levington roundabout where we turned left. Shortly after there is a right turn up passed the young offenders prison and then a hotel. There is a very steep hill along this road. The descent is good but it’s a bit of a toughie on the ascent as the surface isn’t too good. The other two got ahead of me and then a car came up behind me. I don’t like this when I going slow do I got off and walked part of the way. When the road is narrow and poorly surfaced, cars make me nervous as they obviously want to pass but I prefer not to get into the rough side.
After this it was right on to Huttpn Rudby and in to Stokesley. There were a lot of other cyclists about because the weather was do good, especially so as this week has been really poor with torrential rain and flooding .
We cycled the back road towards Easby before turning for Great Ayton where we stopped to have a drink and toast our sandwiches. We stopped near the river Leven which was very full but not overflowing.

Great Ayton has the school attended by Captain James Cook the explorer. It is now a museum .

The wind was really increasing in strength by 11.30am so we decided to head for home as we needed to return to the quilt show. Originally, I was going to return using the Dahon so that I could be picked up by car as I needed to collect 4 quilts I had on show. The wind was unpredictable so we returned by car. The favourite quilt of mine , The Drum Up was on show. I will post a photo of it later but it is cycle related.
So we got in a 33 mile ride yesterday.
During the week I got to use the Dahon to do some home visits. It is nice to ride but I’m not too sure that I’m getting the gears used correctly. They seem to be very much more sensitive than the Koga. I will try a few more times before asking DH to have a look if an adjustment is needed. Downton Abbey is just starting so I’ll sign off. I will post a photo of the quilt tomorrow


  1. Looking forward to the quilt photo. My Dahon needed it’s gears adjusting when I first got it. Even now they don’t run as smoothly as the Surly, but, never skip or let me down.

    • Hi BB The quilt photos are on another computer so that’s why it needs a separate post. I’ll ask DH to have a look. It might just be me. They do seem more sensitive than the Koga . The Dahon has dual drive and I’m not too sure on the 3 speed hub drive. I might give the supplier a call.

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