Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 24, 2012

Dahon Speed TR

Well, I’m a bit excited as my folding bike has arrived. I purchased a custom built Dahon Speed TR from C H White of Malmesbury in Wiltshire. I was able to consult with Tim and he helped me choose what I needed. I was able to ride a friends Speed Pro which helped me decide.
I didn’t like the silver colour on other Dahons as I hated the textured finish so I asked for black stem, handlebars and seat post. As the colour said racing green , I was suprised it was so dark. Almost black in fact but I like it better. Here are a few photos which show it in its various stages of unfolding

Unclip the centre folding mechanism and straighten out and lock.

Lift up the handlebars and lock at height required.

Turn the handlebars so that the brakes are I’m the correct position

Raise the saddle and lock.

Here are the quick release pedals. I will make a pouch as the small yellow lock rings could easily go walkabout.

The pedals attach very easily but securely.

I chose to have a front dynamo and front light. I haven’t tried it but it doesn’t have the automatic setting like the one on my Koga. The rear light is battery powered but is multifunction so better than the Koga , so all in all should be fine .
Now you are wondering if I’ve tried riding yet. The answer is no as the rain is belting down and the wind is really blowing strongly, not quite storm force but getting near to it. Hopefully tomorrow. For now I have just been practicing the folding and unfolding.


  1. I have a soft spot for Dahon folding bikes…I rode LEJOG on one a few years ago, although I must admit it was a 26″ wheel model.
    I look forward to reading about how you get on with this little beauty..!!

    • Hi Trevor, It’s still tippling down so haven’t been out on it yet. I’m sure you know the feeling, raring to go but not wanting to get soaked over blown away. It’s gusting pretty badly now too. Hope it calms down overnight. Been reading your blog too but cannot get the comments to go. Think it’s my ineptitude. Brenda in the Boro

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  2. How exciting. I’ll bet you can’t wait to ride it. Love the front rack too, you could get a nice tall back on that one.

    • I feel do frustrated ‘cos of the weather . DS1 asked if we will do the river ride tomorrow and will I use it. If the weather has calmed down a lot I will try it but not until it’s settled . Font Wang yo get it dirty straight off LOL. Hope you can get out soon Brenda in the Boro

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  3. Racks look great and the black stem looks so much better than the silver. (My Dahon has an eighties feel to it). Hmm . . . The continuing rain’s a bit frustrating. Thinking laterally, how big is your front room?

    The detachable pedals are a fab idea. I must admit I replaced the plastic folding ones on my Dahon with standard (pokey out) BMX pedals. The folding one’s just didn’t seem sturdy enough and had a bit too much flex.

    • Hi BB its dry this morning but there has been a lot of flood destruction in areas near to here. I’ve just had a chance to have a quick ride on the dahon. Once I got the seat at the right height I was off. My DS1 told me I needed it at 16 marked on the stem but I thought it should be lower at 20. He was right and I kept stopping to raise the seat. 16 was spot on. I had a little trouble working out the gearing. it is much more sensitive than the Koga but once I got that sorted in my head , great. Mind I only cycled about 3 miles so will be pleased when I have time for a longer run.

  4. One thing I have done when carrying a folding bike either on a train or car is to put something over the pedals, so they can’t scratch the bike frame. I think I have used an old sock but you could make something if you were bothered about the appearance. You could even knit little pedal pockets and slip them on!

    • Hi Anne Marie, the pedals are easily detached in a couple of seconds but are really solid in place. The little bag would hold them when off the bike. Hope you have been able to get out cycling this weekend.

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