Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 22, 2012

Autumn in all her Glory

There has been a lot of rain this week so it was a delight to see that the Met office forecast was correct. It was sunny with a cloudless sky when we set out at 9.00am. We decided to cycle over to Northallerton in North Yorkshire via Yarm. We passed through Preston Park and it was already busy at the play area. As usual, the road through Yarm was heavy with cars which are slowed by the pedestrian crossings along the High Street. At least on a bike you can ride along the cobbled area at the side.
We turn off towards the village of Worsall and I recalled that when we cycled the North Sea Cycle route in 2006, I had to get off and walk up the first small hill . It just shows how much fitter I am now. Just before Worsall, the road surface has deteriorated and the top surface looks like it has had a shallow plough over it. It’s not safe to get up much speed before climbing the hill, so it needs low gears to get up the bank. However, I was surprised how soon we were through Appleton Wiske and Deighton. We were in Northallerton a few minutes before 11am , 22 miles so it was a fairly fast run for me. I hoped to buy some nuts and seeds from a stall on the market but it seems to have gone now. I do hope he hasn’t gone bust. I took this photo of a pretty flower in one of the boxes used to beautify the town.

I think it’s a sort of poppy but really haven’t clue .
We then rode along to Croft and through Hurworth before stopping in a bus shelter in Neasham where we had lunch. Just as we finished a small, friendly dog came by. He seemed really hungry and acted a bit like a Meercat standing on his hind legs. He didn’t have a collar on but is obviously someone’s loved pet. We asked local people but no one seemed to recognise it. I do hope he’s safe tonight.
We continued on climbing up to Dinsdale and along through Middleton One Row but all the plums have gone now. There was a bit more steepish climbing but nothing that needed walking and most of the time I was in a higher gear than usual. I know about it tonight as my legs have stiffened up a bit. They’ll be fine tomorrow . 55 miles and I have now cycled more than 3000 miles since I bought the Koga in January. I’ve been told that the Dahon should be delivered on Monday.


  1. You are sure getting in some nice rides. I am envious.

    • Thanks Roff. It’s been great today

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  2. I recently cycled up a largish hill that 4 years ago seemed much worse. I was so happily surprised to feel as though I had cheated the aging process . . . Just a little. There’s something special about fine autumn days isn’t there? Being aware of what’s around the corner makes them seem more precious.

    • If you mean by “round the corner” what life throws at us, I know what you mean. My parents never made it to the age I am now, and that changed my whole outlook on life. Seize the moment is my view now. I am just so thankful that I have the health I enjoy now and that I can cycle the way I do. It looks like it might be a reasonable morning but storms are forecast later. Thanks for reading.

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