Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 15, 2012

Another beautiful autumn day

We had a figure of 8 ride today. We got away from home at about 9.30am and it was a beautiful bright morning but a little chilly as we set off towards the south of the town. By the time we got up to Coulby Newham, it had warmed up and we had to take our long sleeved tops off. I always seem to get cold arms but a sweaty back despite wearing arm warmers- homemade I hasten to add.
From Coulby we headed up to Marton and then up to old Nunthorpe village.
Between the A172 and the B1365 there’s a little single rack road which is about 2 miles long, which we decided to take today. There is a ford about half way along but it was dry so no wet feet for a change. We crossed the B road and had a gentle climb up towards the village of Newby. I was able to get a few photos of the countryside and the village.




We returned to the Boro and had elevenses at home. We persuaded DS1 to come out with us and did our usual river cycle ride. When we got to Thornaby, we called into Lidl as there was an offer on Branston baked beans. We all had panniers on our bikes and so were able to bring home 48 tins between us. Self employment can be a bit variable so we like to keep a good supply at home. So all in all, we had a good day and I only have 56 miles to clock up for 3000 miles this year.
I have now ordered a Dahon SpeedTR folding bike from a company in Wiltshire. This is being custom built so it will be a week or two before it comes .


  1. How exciting about the Dahon! You’re going to be able to pedal it a long way fuelled by that many baked beans:-) Looking forward to hearing about it. The mention of Branston (is there a better pickle?) and Wiltshire in the same post has given me a teensy yearning for home.

    • Hi BB , didn’t realise you were a Pom. I can’t stand pickle or HP sauce for that matter but they are typically British. I’m excited about the Dahon but not sure how long it will be before it arrives. No doubt I’ll be posting about it. Thanks for reading

  2. I bet you can’t wait to get the Dahon. Do put a photo on for us. Have had a cycle free week completely as have been away in the Isle of Man on family business. Presumably you are having mudguards to keep yourself dry?

    • Just hope the bad weather doesn’t delay delivery. Of course I’ll be posting a photo but doubt I’ll be able to try it today, mores the pity. Tomorrow’s forecast isn’t as bad so may get to do a couple of visits on it. I’m quite excited. Hope your time in the I of M was good.

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