Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 1, 2012

First day of Autumn

Well, officially summer is over , but the forecast for today was reasonable so we decided to go out for a bit of a longer ride. DS1 who hasn’t been out with us for a while decided he would come with us but we couldn’t set off too early. DS2 had to be taken to the bus station as he is away for 2 days with the autism group he goes out with. They are off to a theme park and a zoo in the Midlands.

So it was 9.00am before we got away over the Newport Bridge and off up through Norton where we picked up NCN route 1. The route uses an old rail track up to Hurworth Burn. This years rain has played havoc with the surface of the track and it has become very rutted and gravelly. There are 3 short , sharp descents and ascents which I ended up walking as the surface was just so bad and I don’t want to have any falls. There was a little hazy sunshine as we approached the resevoir.

We cycled up to our favourite picnic bench and discovered that they have renewed the information board. We had a drink and a cereal bar here as it was now 10.45am and we had 14 miles on the clock.

Continuing on, we cycled up though the village of Station Town, across the field track until we came to the junction of NCN1 and NCN14. Here we turned right , to cycle along to Hartlepool. The track is generally downhill, so we were able to go fairly quickly and were soon down at Hart. It appears that the old rail embankment continues on, but the track stops here and the supposed cycle track into Hartlepool was blocked with parked cars so we used the road.
We cycled around the Headland as DS1 had never been there. We got good views across the Tees estuary .

Once we got to Seaton Carew, went to the bus shelter and had lunch. We were glad we had warm jackets to put on as there was a chilly offshore wind.

From Seaton, we rode along to Greatham and then using the cycle track across the fields to Billingham.

It’s only a half hour ride from here to home, so we called into a supermarket and got a few bits for a salad for tea. A good day, indeed better than many days this summer and we got 45 miles in today.


  1. It was our first day of Spring in Oz! As the season had officially started I cycled out to brunch with friends in boat shoes, T shirt and straw hat! I was determined to celebrate seeing the back of Winter. Although the effect was somewhat spoiled by my having to grab a cardigan as I headed out the door – it was freezing! Have a mild and dry Autumn with lots more lovely cycling.

    • Well, the children return to school this week, so the sun is shining and it’s warm!! We had a lovely ride this morning although we had to have lights on the bikes as we left home, now the days are shortening. Still, it was good to be out. Hope you can get out too.
      Brenda in the Boro

    • Hi BB
      Thanks for stopping by. Glorious weather today and it was great to be ale to dry clothes outside for a change. Looking forward to hearing about your spring rides.

  2. I came to boast about the first day of Spring but I see a fellow antipodean has beaten me to it. Hello, there, Australian brethren 🙂

    And lovely photos, Brenda. I’ve been enjoying your tales of secret hedge maintenance! I used to clip the street trees in my old neighbourhood.

    • Hi FBG
      Good to hear from you. It’s great to hear about other parts of the world. Love the net for expanding my view of the world. Thanks for visiting.

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