Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 29, 2012


Vivinfrance wrote a poem about shadows yesterday and when I was out this morning I took this photo.

The Met Office forecast for today wasn’t good and I have to admit when DH asked if I was going cycling at 6.00am , I couldn’t be bothered . However, by 6.30am I was out of bed , dressed and ready for the off. DH decided as it was later than we usually set off , he wouldn’t come.
The sky had a few blue patches but with cloud bubbling up and I decided on a slightly shorter ride. So off along the road and over the A19 on a footbridge, passed Teesside Park and down onto the river path. I turned and followed along what I think of as the Wibbly Wobbly way, this is where they have built numerous inlets along the river and built offices. It adds to the mileage. Once in Stockton, I crossed the Millenium bridge and then turned downriver passing under the Princess Diana bridge and through an industrial area until I passed the large supermarket , the caravan site and got back to the river Tees barrage.
As it was still dry with some sunshine, I headed along the path, crossing under the A19 flyover and the Newport bridge and along to the Transporter bridge. The sky was filling up quickly with clouds as I road passed the Town Hall and then up through Albert Park. By the time I got home, the sky was full of thick cloud but the expected rain didnt appear until 8.45 so I was in luck.


  1. It’s often worth a really early start…..not only can it offer the best of the day’s weather but the roads can be quieter too….

    • How true Trevor . We usually find it is the best part of the day. This morning was bright and sunny but autumn is in the air and I had to put long fingered gloves on. It’s never really been summer up here in the north. Let’s hope for a better autumn . Thanks for commenting

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