Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 27, 2012

Oh, we looked so young then.

After the cycle trip to York, I was keen to get doing more cycling with the family. We had heard about Rann trailers, now known as tagalongs but they weren’t available in the late 70’s / early 80’s. DH is nothing , if not a very practical man. We got hold of an old child’s bike and he cut off the front forks but allowed enough so that he could make a fixing to attach to a home made frame. It was heavy but he said to our DS1″ get on and lets have a go.” So off up our cobbled back alley they went without any falls. Success. So it was decided that we would head off to the York cycle rally and see where we went from there.
We set off along the A19 loaded up with camping gear and children. Big mistake as it was so much busier than my previous trip. Eventually, we lifted bikes and kids over a fence and set off along a farm lane. We arrived at the Black Bull campsite at Swainby and set up camp. DS1 went missing and we were frantic looking for him. He was about 5 years old. Eventually, he was found in the kitchen of the pub tucking in to chicken and chips which he’d bought with his pocket money. We look back and laugh all these years later. He still loves his food, too much.
Next morning , we set off for York and there was a lot of interest in our home made contraption. We enjoyed the meet for the weekend. We then decided to head for the coast. We took the children to Butlins at Filey for the day and they had a great time. Next day, off we cycled and here is a photo of us in Bridlington.

I really don’t remember where we camped that night but I do recall pushing the bikes up a rough track on a field. There was a cow being taken up the hill by a lady. It had a prolapse and she was trying to get it sorted. Funny the things that stick in your memory.
I know we bypassed Whitby and we camped at a site at Ugthorpe before heading for home the next day.

I had a wonderful MIL and the following Easter she offered to look after the children while we went away on our own. We had decided to cycle to Lincoln as DH had a week off work.

A lot of our gear was cobbled together as we didn’t have a lot of money. I recall buying orange nylon rucksacks to use as panniers. We used a ridge tent that was big enough for the family. That first day out , loaded with gear , we cycled from the Boro, down through York and Selby and stopped near Scunthorpe. It was a really long day and the sun was set by the time we pitched the tent at a caravan site. My recollection is that we cycled 112 miles that day. The Humber bridge was just being constructed back then.
Next day, we decided to go to church where we met some people who had known DH when he was a boy. They invited us for lunch, which we gladly accepted and then it was off to Lincoln where we found a nice campsite.


We spent a lovely time looking around the attractions of Lincoln , the cathedral with its imp, the farming museum and the shops on the hill.
The return wasn’t so great. It was cold and overcast. We camped at Acaster Malbis and then the next day it was raining and sleeting . Not nice. As we cycled though York, in the cold rain, we both thought that getting the train would be a good idea. However, neither of us said anything and so it was off home. I remember there was a chap cycling ahead of us and DH said if I caught him up , I could have a rest. We never caught him up!!
When we neared Crathorne, I was ready to chuck it all in and sat on the hillside crying. DH said he would ride home and get the car. That was it!! I wasn’t going to be rescued so off I cycled again.
It was interesting that the next day, the entire country was blanketed in snow so no wonder it wasn’t good the previous day. What did we learn from that trip? To communicate. Don’t forget we were in our mid 20’s then and still had a lot to learn. Happy days.


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