Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 27, 2012

Beating the rain

The weather this weekend has been the usual mix of sunshine and showers but we looked at the forecast for today and saw that it was supposed to be dry until about 1pm. We decided that we would get out early and so packed a flask and took a couple of biscuits after having breakfast.
When we set off about 7.45am, it was bright enough but cool on our bare arms even though there was a weak sun shining.
We used cycle tracks to get out of the Boro and up to Nunthorpe Village before crossing the main road and along to Great Ayton. We didn’t stop but rode along through Newton under Roseberry.
Roseberry Topping is a local landmark, a hill which sticks up in the middled of a plain. It gets its distinctive shape as one part of it dropped away in the early part of the 20th century I believe.

The road goes past Pinchinthorpe Hall and then there’s a turn off to Guisborough before the main road. Once through Guisborough , we headed off towards Dunsdale. We were going to go down Yearby bank but decided to take a road we’ve never ridden previously. This is marked New Marske and it’s one of those dead straight rolling roads like the Romans used to build. I’ve no idea if it is, but we sped down in top gear until there is a left hand bend at Errington Woods. We have walked up here some years ago, before we started cycling again. We didn’t realise that there has been a car park, picnic area and children’s play area installed. There is a sign that says no camping and no fires but it would be an ideal place to overnight but it does have gates that are locked at night.

From up here there are also extensive views over the sea and the industrial area of Teesside .

There is a lovely ride down from here and we were soon at the Marske roundabout. Actually, at 31mph I hit my brakes, Joe did so at 35mph so you can tell it was a fast descent.
We rode along to Marske and then on the coast road path to Redcar. The NCN1 route is diverted down the High St as the extensive refurbishment of the promenade continues apace. The wind was really beginning to pick up and we decided we needed to have our drink or we would be home before we had it. Trying to find somewhere out of the wind was difficult as all the shelters have been demolished. In the end, we plumped for a seat on some sand behind a wall. Fortunately, I was carrying some small roll mats so we were comfy but needed to don jackets to keep warm.

The wind was offshore so kept the waves down. We could see lots of boats probably waiting the tide to come up into the estuary. Going out of Redcar, I saw something on the roundabout I’ve never noticed before. Some carvings of seals are right in the middle of it! Can you believe that I have missed these for years.


I think they are delightful.
We had a real slog into the wind on the way home. The cycle track alongside the road is very rough and a couple of times DH put his hand on my back to help me along. So we were home by 11.50am having covered 33 miles. The Met Office forecast was spot on as the rain arrived at 1.00pm by which time I was fed, watered and bathed. Great morning.


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