Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 24, 2012

All my bags are packed……..

and I’m not going on my planned cycle camping trip. Following yet another yellow alert for heavy rain from the Met Office, I just cannot face another soaking wet trip this year. Does that show I’m getting old or that I’m finally get a bit of sense?  We have a saying, we cycle to enjoy , not to endure and this year has been one of endurance on our cycle camping trips.

I will get out for a couple of day rides , if it does stay dry but otherwise, I’ll use some of the time to sew and I may  take a trip to look at some folding bikes. I find it strange that Andrew and Freidel of  Travelling Two, have just bought a folder. I do like the look of that one but a search on the net seems to indicate it is not a model available here in the UK.

I may also blog a bit about other trips I’ve made in the past, after talking with Campfire on the phone. So come back later to see what I write about. DH has just come in to say that it has started to rain now .  Oh well!!


  1. Also in my 6th decade, I find that I resist bicycle camping. I still tour, but I spend the nights indoors, with a real bed, in motels, hostels or the homes of friends. To my surprise I find I enjoy touring more now that the “adventure” of camping is not a part of it! Perhaps with age comes wisdom!

    • The trouble is , I absolutely love camping. I’ve stayed in all sorts of accommodation but give me a tent anytime unless the ground is waterlogged. I make my own tents and they are waterproof but it’s no fun up to your knees in mud.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s much appreciated.

  2. I was thinking after our conversation about the Brompton. I’ll just mention that apparently mending a puncture on one is quite difficult because of the many knuts/washers etc you have to remove before getting the wheel out. Someone suggested it might be a good idea to have a Schwalbe MP on the rear wheel, as the front wheel is no problem.

    I was brought up to ‘having’ to go out on the bike every Sunday, rain, hail, snow and whatever else. By the time I was 21 I had got completely fed up with this military regime and think I would not have had the break from cycling as I did, and carried on competing etc, had there been a more relaxed atmosphere. As you said, cycling is a sport that can be carried on in later years, providing it is ENJOYED.

    Looking forward to reading about the trips you have made.

  3. Thanks for the info about the Brompton. I have just bought Marathon plus tour for the Koga. I’ve been to have a look at the proffered folder but it’s only got 12″ wheels and is really heavy for its size. I think York is on the agenda but DH is worried about me wasting money unnecessarily. Still it’s my decision.

  4. And now it’s blowing a gale. It almost makes me long for winter: you know where you are with winter and what clothes to put on in the morning! My cycling days are over, but I have happy memories of fairy cycle to the proper grownup touring job that I gave away to a friend a few years ago.

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