Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 5, 2012

On your doorstep 2

We have had very mixed weather yet again but we have been out cycling most days.
Yesterday, we went out early but not with the intention of a long day ride. The house finally needed some attention. I have hoarder tendencies but the decluttered bug has arrived, so I wanted to spend some time having a chuck out in the kitchen. The idea was to get that out of the way and then go out cycling again.
So, a nice early start and off across through Thornaby and up to Preston Park.
We used tne path just after the Tees crossing and i tried to take a photo of entrance arch which is very pretty. Unfortunately, it is painted green so doesn’t show too well
The last time we were there, the hall had scaffolding around it. Well , it’s now down and the muse is open for business.


We returned through Stockton with the intention of riding the north side of the river but it was blocked off because of the festival. We also saw dragon boats being launched before we came across this.


I could not believe my eyes! A car and caravan on the water. Then we noticed other decorated floats which were being used for the river parade.

This was another use for duct tape. All the figures were wrapped in it.
Further downriver , we saw the dredger out.

We got home and I kept my cycle clothes on while I toiled away having a good chuck out. DH went and painted a door for some elderly friends but by the time I was finished, the storm arrived . So only 18 miles cycled today, but I felt more tired than when I cycled almost 69 miles in the rain.



  1. I love the image of the little Fiat with the caravan on the water……

  2. Yes it looked great. We’ve had some really lovely mornings this week so have been out early in the day . Very heavy thunder seems to start mid afternoon

  3. Love the floats! Hmm, not surprised you were tired. Spring cleaning always does that to me. I’d be happier cycling 100km than having to clear out cupboards 🙂

  4. That river parade looks like it would be fun to watch, the car and caravan on the water is very clever!

    • Hi Vicki, thanks for visiting. I hope you can call back

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