Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 27, 2012

On your doorstep

Today, I had to go to the bank and because I could and it was pleasantly warm , I went on the bike accompanied by DH. After sorting out the business , we decided to continue on instead of returning directly home.
About a year ago , the local council repealed a law prohibiting cycling in Stewart Park. We haven’t been there for a long while, even though it is nearby. We know that there had been a lot of renovation work done there , so we went for a look. I have to say this was prompted a little by the Lovely Bicycle blog which had a posting about hidden gems in your area.
What a difference. Stewart Park was given to the town in 1924 and now houses the Captain Cook Museum. This was closed for a while because of the financial situation but is now open on Thursday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.



We also found the newly opened Henry Bolckow Centre. He was a local philanthropic iron master and the outbuildings of the old house have been restored with heritage lottery money. They are just finishing the visitor\exhibition centre. It looks so nice now. There is also a small animal area and a lovely children’s playground.


If you are travelling through Middlesbrough , this park is worth a visit. There are also 2 cafes in the park , if you need sustenance .



  1. Very nice the park looks too…

  2. Hi Trevor, we got out yesterday but didn’t take any photos. Had a reaction to something ? Weeds I was pulling in a garden and my eyes were in a bad state. The local chemist wanted to send for an ambulance!! I cycled the 15 miles home and it has settled down but we should have done a longer ride and helped someone out too. Still there’s always another day.

  3. Hi,Brenda!!Yippee,I remembered the name of your blog,so I have been reading every item on it.It is so interesting to read all about the places and people you have seen on your tours.Glad you got the Brooks saddle sorted out.It was lovely to see you both this morning.Enjoy your weekend and have a good ride somewhere nice!Love,Tina.xxxx
    PS,we love your bikes and the extra wheel!!

    • Great to see you too. Glad you are still cycling. Hope you’ll keep in touch.

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