Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 26, 2012

Brooks saddle

You may remember that my Brooks saddle rails snapped through on my recent cycle tour. Spa Cycles of Harrogate are no longer dealers for them after 35 years, do I phoned Brooks directly and sent in the saddle a couple of weeks ago.
This morning, a very loud ringing and knocking on the door, revealed the postman with a package for me . The saddle has been repaired, the rails replaced and my leather top reinstalled.
I just have to get it back on the Koga.
The Bioflex saddle has been fine but I prefer leather under my ischial tuberosites. It was still under warranty and I found the receipt and so it has been done quickly. Thank you Brooks




  1. Nothing as good as a Brooks…..I have a Swift on my Audax/Training bike and a Team Pro on my Touring bike.
    Cycling back from Gibraltar last September the Team Pro was so comfortable….I must have done about 15,000 miles on it over the past three years and it is as good as a comfy chair!!!…

  2. It’s nice to hear there is a good follow up service. Not sure if it would be quite so efficient in Oz, so hoping I won’t have to test it out 🙂

    Isn’t it nice to be back in a familiar saddle? Happy cycling.

  3. Yes, I’m hoping to get it on this evening so that I can get out on it tomorrow as we are hoping for dry weather.

  4. I have a Brooks Ladies B17S I think, yet to be fitted to my bike. I always used Brooks saddles in the past but these were very well worn in by the time I ever had them, soft and comfortable. My last one fell apart on my way home from work, the front bolt came off in a cindery lane and I couldn’t find it. I wonder how soon yours was worn in?

    I almost bid on Ebay a few weeks ago for a Brooks Finesse but then realised it was not really so much lighter than the one I had, so didn’t bother.

    Do you cycle with family or friends or with a club? I usually cycle alone unless I am away for a cycling weekend, which is not very often, nowadays, there are getting fewer and fewer events.

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