Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 21, 2012

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

Early morning sunshine, at last , so we set off for Saltburn at 8.00. We had been invited to help out on the NCN 1/168 track as the foliage was taking over. Phil who does such sterling work cleaning up the dog fouls every week needed some help.
We got there just after 9.00am and could see a lot of grass had already been cut back awaiting gathering up. We cycled onto the promenade and sat over looking the sea , sun on our backs, having breakfast .


We met up with the other three volunteers Phil, Neil and 80 yr old Richard pulling the trailer with his electric bike. He had the cutting implements but he also uses the trailer to get shopping for the ‘old’ people who live near him. Isn’t that great.
Phil have us a sickle on a long handle and it did a great job for lobbing off the nettles , brambles and other stingy stuff from about a 100mt section.

We also spotted this sculpture which is dedicated to one of the Quaker men who did so much to build up Saltburn as a seaside resort.


We got finished and met the others at a cafe for a bit of a chinwag about our recent trip and then It was off to Redcar. We went to Pacittos for an ice cream before finding a new to us route out of Redcar. We passed Kirkleatham museum which still has a spectacular exhibition of a Saxon Princess jewellery finds . Well worth a visit if you are in
the area.
We cycled 32 miles but had a couple of hours of other exercise with the gardening . We both feel great.

This is a photo of the new vertical pier that is being erected on the prom in Redcar



  1. Sounds like you had an enjoyable and worthwhile day….A vertical pier sounds an unusual idea..I have a love of piers, but I must admit the more usual style that stretches out into the sea……..

    • There are a lot of negative comments about the pier in the town. It’s often referred to as the Awful tower or the Eyeful tower. I understand there is a movement going on to get a ‘proper’ pier established once again. The town council are putting a lot of effort in to redeveloping the sea front area.

  2. Love the Quaker statue – looks vaguely magical! My grandma was similar to Phil. When she was in her eighties she would shop for ‘the old people’ who couldn’t get out in Winter. None of us were brave enough to point out the obvious 🙂 I think there is an unwritten rule that one must partake of icecream after physical labour . . . Glad to see you’re law abiding!

    • It’s funny but we must have passed by there hundreds of times and never seen it. Maybe it was the sun that was glinting off it that made me see. There’s always something new , even in areas that are so familiar to you.

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