Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 14, 2012

My Koga Randonneur

My Koga Randonneur was bought in January and I have now cycled over 2100 miles on it and I was thinking about the things I really like about it.

I really like the shape of the handlebars. They allow me to have many different hand positions. Additionally, they are covered in padded leather which is so comfortable that I can ride without gloves when it’s warm enough.


Both of these photos show the kick stands. The Koga has stands on both the front and rear carriers. These are great for loading luggage onto the bike . It stands steady and makes it so much easier for loading up. My DH thought it was a bit gimmicky but has become a convert.
The other thing we like are the lights powered by an inbuilt dynamo in the front hub. I also ran an e-werk plus battery from this and was able to keep the iPhone topped up. Unfortunately it will not supply sufficient power to use with an iPad.
My DH has one complaint. My bike is a 2011 model and his is 2012. Koga have put in a different back mudguard and it is not held on as well having no struts. He does not think it is as good as mine and thinks it will break sooner. He has already had a problem although it continues to work the lights.
The wheels have performed beautifully on the very rough tracks we have been over recently. It is most unlikely we will ever cycle the Transpennine route again. It really does not hold up to the claim that it is the easiest way to cross the Pennines in our opinion. I believe the rear wheel has 40 spokes.
I have used Schwalbe marathon plus for years. These Kogas came equipped with Vredesten perfect tour tyres and we both had 2 punctures each on our last tour. These will be replaced before we go off on another tour.
All in all, we are both pleased with our bikes and would recommend them for cycle touring . We got them from Cycle Sense in Tadcaster and have had good service so far.



  1. I also swear by the Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I’ve recently changed from the 1.35 width to the tour model which is 1.75. Big improvement in comfort!

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  6. I’ve just read this and noticed you ride Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I’m thinking of getting them put on my MTB and certainly on the back wheel of the Brompton. Can you tell me which type you use, is it the ‘normal’ one or the Tour? Also what width do you use?

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