Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 9, 2012

Preston to Lancaster

The ashwood hotel provided a very good breakfast which kept us going until well into the afternoon. Marjorie the owner sailed around the world im 1998 and has sailed a lot of the west coast of Scotland so knew a lot of places we have kayaked to.
We tried to find the canal but eventually I went into a tackle shop and asked. Once on the Lancaster canal we thought it would be a straight run up to the city . After a couple of good miles of towpath , the track deteriorated into a muddy mess. After a slip after 100yds ,we backtracked to find another way . There was some sort of cycle race event on and the officials gave us water even though we weren’t competing . After a while we asked where they were all going and it was to Blackpool, the wrong direction for us. So we set off towards Garstang but had to ask a few times as the signage just disappeared. Once there we had to follow the A6 which I was glad to get off. There had been an accident involving a motor cyclist but the police let us through. This was just after the turning towards Glasson dock. Not long after we had the most delicious ice cream. There were dozens of flavours but we has triple chocolate and stem ginger flavours.

We were soon down on the cycle track along the Lune estuary and across the Millenium bridge

The cycle tracks in both Lancaster and Morecambe are very good. The surface is excellent and there are only sensible barriers. As a result we saw many families out on bikes with even very young children . That bodes well for the future. Morecambe seafront has also been done up well. We did miss the Way of the Roses start point as an ice cream van was parked in such a way to confuse someone like me .


I made enquiries at the tourist info place and decided to go back and camp further inland . So we retraced our track after having a sandwich. Then we rode on route 69 up under the Lune aqueduct .

We cycled up to Caton only to discover we had home too far. Nothing for it but to back track down the road go the New Parkside Farm caravan park. Thus us not visible from the road and locals weren’t aware of it. Fortunately there is a sign so we found it OK. Very good facilities for the price of £9 per night . A motorcycle couple came in and were charged £10.
The day was love all day and we did enjoy it being fine. 48 mls


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