Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 6, 2012

Heavy rain and help

First thing this morning the weather was day, although it had rained through the night. Chris was so kind to oil our bikes and check the tyre pressures. What a road angel! It began to rain heavily do we delayed setting off until 11ish , on the hopes of it clearing but it wasn’t to be. So dressed in wet weather clothes we set out. Chris had told us how to get out of Sputhport but we messed it up and ended up going through the town centre.
We got onto the A565 which fortunately has a track alongside most of the road. This took us to the A59 and although it isn’t all tracked, at least most of it is. Our destination was Longton and after 18 miles we got there . There’s a good ice cream/coffee shop at the roundabout so we called on there. I have to say that the date and walnut scones were the best I’ve ever tasted. They are made by the chef on the premises.
As the rain was not abating at all, we decided to try and get a B&B. One of the waitress’s found a telephone number for us to try. Success at The Willows farm, so off we would go up the A59. However, when I went to move my bike, the frame in my Brooks ladies imperial saddle just snapped. I was so surprised and we cannot understand why this has happened unless it has been all the rough tracks we have been riding.
I told DH to go on ahead and I would walk which I did. As I was walking along, a lady came around, without her coat on , in the rain, to see if she could help. I noticed a little penny farthing bike on a chain round her neck and it turned out she is a cycle tourist herself. I took her phone number and after getting sorted at the B&B, she came and took us to the bike shop opposite her house. They did offer me a saddle they had but it was mans and wouldn’t suit my wider is ischial tiberosities.
I got a bioflex saddle at Broadgate cycles and DH fitted it.
Brendan and Charlotte cycled Velo 6 from France to Budapest and then took there own route home to the UK.

Charlotte came out in such a hurry that she put on odd socks which we all laughed over.

This is a really nice place and looking at the weather forecast it is as well we decided to stop when we did. There Is more rain forecast but the B & B cannot take us so we will have to find more accomodation. I am feeling very sleepy so will close now.


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