Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 6, 2012

Another Road Angel

Today started with heavy mist first thing. We waited a little while and then got set off at 8.45 am which is late for us. We retraced our way to the Warburton bridge which had a queue of traffic waiting to get through the toll booth . We rode along through to Lymm and it was here we picked up the trail. It wasn’t brilliant due to the heavy rain. DH wished he hadn’t cleaned the bikes last night . This first piece of track is along old rail line so we made good time . We joined the track down the Manchester ship canal at Warrington. When crossing it we detoured into Stockton Heath and found a supermarket to stock up. There is a good section at Sankey bridges and a lovely nature reserve

After Widnes we came to a set of steps but what made them worse was the barriers on them too. A kind couple helped us down as DH had to remove the extrawheel to get around the corners.

We stopped in the village of Hale to try to find a toilet and were lucky to find a sequence dance class being held.
The track through Liverpool was a surprise as it is so good but it deteriorated nearer Aintree. In fact , there should have been a diversion sign so we ended up struggling with barriers.
We found the Leeds to Liverpool canal and cycled to follow to Maghull. We met a couple, father and son, cycling home from work and they showed us the way back onto the official route. The dad had cancer last year and after treatment, this was his first day back on the bike so we were really pleased for him.
Back on the route , more barrier problems and more much from mud, still the way is flat and we were able to get a little more speed . On the outskirts of Southport, the roads were extremely busy at about 6.00pm so we used the pelican crossing and then onto a good cycle path all the way into the town. The aroma from all the wild flowers is just delightful along here , although we were into a stiffish headwind. We had someone take a photo of us having finished the TPT. Am I likely to do it again. Don’t think so, at least not in the rain .

While the photo was being taken , a guy cycled up and began to chat while I phoned Dan to look fro a campsite. Chris showed us the way to the caravan club site but we didn’t ask about tents because they haven’t been too helpful on the past. The next nearest wad 10 miles away, not 1ins as on the TPT website. Chris offered us a bed for the night and so we took it up . Very comfortable and as he’s been a pro cyclist and managed teams has a great knowledge about bikes. We were able to wash all the muck off the bikes too.

We were so lucky with the weather today as it was sunny all day for the first time on this trip. The forecast for tomorrow isn’t great though but we hope to cycle to Preston with Chris along quiet lanes .


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