Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 5, 2012

Lost data but now blogging

Well , I wrote up the last days blog and lost it . Drat!
We left Barlow for Baslow and had our 1st of the day up to 523 mts before a 3 mile descent into Baslow. We had chosen the quietest road but the last section was on a very busy road with huge wagons descending behind us which was not nice as they blared there horns at us.
Once into the village , we found the Spar shop up another hill and got a few groceries . Then down the hill again and
Around the roundabout before setting off up more hills to Hassop and then Great Longstone. There is a mosaic in the bus shelter done for the Queens diamond jubilee but cannot get photo to upload,
From there we went down to the main road and after enquiring we were able to access the Monsal trail which goes nearly to Buxton but we did have to ride on the A6 and it rained nearly all day . This d rail track has a number of tunnels but I believe they are a lit during the daytime.
In Buxton we enquiries about camping and climbed about a mile on the Manchester road to a working farm called Cold springs farm. Adequate facilities Slugs
and midge were a problem .23 miles

Tuesday 2/7/12
Buxton to Crowden
We tried to get away early because of the midge.Unfortunately my back wheel was punctured so we had to mend it.
That done it was off up the main road for about 100 yds and then it was right up a steep hill 624 mts .The track was atrocious and we had to walk some of it. We met a chap who worked for Giant cycles who was riding up to the bottom of this track to accompany his son to work experience. Then once over the summit it was up through Whaley Bridge and onto the Peak Forest canal to New Mills. A lady helped us access the canal as the route would have you climb another very steep hill to get to the canal basin. The ride through the small town was fine and we had access to a supermarket. The canal was very pleasant with some sunshine and we saw a heron on the bank looking for prey

Them we has to keep climbing up and down to Charlesworth where we bought ice cream. The sunshine had not lasted so We decided to ride the Longdendale trail and this has a fairly good surface after Hadfield station . To be fair the map indicates the path from here but a dog walker showed us how to get onto the path and it’s narrow and rutted between the two places.
The old rail line runs high above a series of reservoirs supplying the urban connotations of Manchester and Liverpool .

We crossed the dam at the topside of Torside reservoir and then turned left onto the A628. This is unpleasant but the only way to access the campsite at Crowden. Unlike years ago, this now takes caravans or it would be unviable. We were able to wash and dry our clothes and the drying room is superb if stinky. It wasn’t when we first went in but a lot of youngsters doing their D of E award came in and filled the place up with unwashed socks etc. about 23 hard miles completed today as well.

Wednesday , 4/7/12
It rained all night but by morning it was just showery so a wet pack and onto the A628 again . We went down hill for about a mile and were then able to take a left off the road and over the dam at the bottom of Torside.

We were onto the same rail trail again and retraced our previous day’s journey to Charlesworth where we got on the way to Broadbottom.
Today was tough . The tracks were a sea of mud and horse manure so the bikes were covered in slurry and what with the rain it was a bit disheartening at times. We stopped in a nature reserve to eat what we call 2nd breakfast but has become lunchtime . It began to rain heavily but we put up the fishing umbrella. This is not something we usually carry but it has been very useful. At Reddish we got off the track as we were told there was a lot more mud and sh*t . This is Cheshire after all with lots of horses. We rode down into Stockport and an off duty black cab driver gave us good directions to avoid the muddy river track. So, it was on through Heaton Mersey and Didsbury and then along the Mersey through Chorlton waterpark. Not long after this the extrawheel got a puncture, soirée fixing . Fortunately, we have had a bit of sun in the afternoon so at least it was dry while DH did the fixing. We continued to follow the signs but the barriers around the Trafford area are ridiculously tight so DH manhandled the loaded bikes over the horse barriers. A sustrans ranger has asked that we write to complain to the council as they have but more people need to add weight to their protests. After these and into another area and it wasn’t too bad but it was getting late and we needed to find somewhere to stay. We located a campsite on the other side of the Mersey so crossed the river to Rixton over the Warburton bridge- free for bikes. The day was not done with us and so it began to deluge with rain. On this same bridge in 2007 , exactly the same thing happened. We arrived at the Holly Tree campsite like drowned rats!!
We got booked in and the rain stopped and a couple kindly filled our flask with boiling water. DH hosed off the bikes while I made us some pasta. Good hot showers here but our most costly campsite so far at £18. 40 miles today maintaining our average. 240 miles in total. Not bad for the terrain we’ve been over and we are both on our sixth decade.


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