Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 13, 2012

A Spring Day Ride

After the rainy weather all this week, Saturday dawned fair with a few wispy clouds hanging above the horizon, so we decided we would be off and out.  To be fair , I think many others had the same idea as we saw lots of cyclists, from tinies with their Dad’s to fast paced racers flying along the minor roads.

We encouraged Dan to get up, and then we cycled to a local electical chain store to get some silicone grease. I discovered last weekend , that my Primus Omnifuel stove needed some more on the pump shaft. The tube I had in the maintence kit had split and dried up. We will need it later this week. Once bought , we headed off along the river and it is obvious just how much water has been coming down. I stopped to take a photo at the barrage. 

As you can see the river was running very high. There’s usually about a 4-6 foot drop over the barrage  but it was straight over the top and rushing away down river. There is also a lot of debris which must have been torn away from trees and plants near to the river banks upstream. We saw the British Waterways emergency pollution craft out as well.

We continued along the river to Stockton and then got across the roundabout without any delays, which is most unusual especially at that time on a Saturday morning. We called in to a new bike shop, to have a quick look. I want some helicopter tape to protect my frame  but they didn’t have any. Then it was along the path to cross the river on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and up to Ingelby Barwick. There have been lots of cycle paths laid down in this large estate and so we were able to cycle up to the guest cottages on the A1044. Again, there is usually a wait at this point to cross but we were straight over as traffic was lighter than usual.

From here there is a gentle climb to cross the bridge over the A19 and on into Hilton village. We stopped just outside the village as Dan had stopped to disrobe, it being warmer than of late,  but this gave us a change to have a quick water break. Here is DH wearing his ski goggles. he has trouble with his eyes streaming with tears whenever he rides , so this is a good way to stop it.

 The Cleveland hills can be seen in the background.

The next village, Seamer , was having it’s Spring fair but it hadn’t really got going  but they were expecting a lot to turn up and had the car parking well organised it seemed. The run down the bank  to the Stokesley roadwas good and fast, well as much as I like it anyway. 24.5 mph.

We had a brief stop in Stokesley , so that I could buy some fabrics to use with recycled fabric for a prom dress for my Great niece. Not my choice but I’m just glad to have the skills to share.

The weather began to look a bit iffy but we decided to go home via Great Ayton so we took the cycle path along near the river Leven. We have always ridden it , into the town but never out and I was amazed to come across this little ford. I’ve never seen it before so it just goes to show that even the familiar can hold new suprizes.  The church bells were  peeling and I don’t know if there was a wedding or just a practice but it sounded lovely to me.

We contiued on the A173 and then turned off onto a quiter road towards Easby village and then turned left to Great Ayton. We didn’t stop for ice cream at Suggetts but I was tempted.

The road home takes us through old Nunthorpe village and then on cycle track down Marton road and through Coulby Newham before getting home.  We cycled just short of 32 miles in about 3 hours. 

The silicone grease did the trick and my Omnifuel stove is working well again. Roll on my coast and castles trip later in the week

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