Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 7, 2012

New Tent

We were invited to a different wedding on Saturday. Everyone who wanted to was invited to camp at the venue, Danby Castle in North Yorkshire. During the previous couple of weeks, I worked on a new design and made the new tent for cycle camping. To be fair, this is a reworking of the tent I made to do the NSCR in 2006. It gives us a bit more room for when the weather is bad and we stay put instead of moving on every day.

Friday came , not a particularly pleasant day and I was working until nearly 5.00pm. It’s 23 miles to the venue but there are at least 4 climbs, one at 25%. As it was raining heavily, I suggested a train out to Castleton and then a ride from there.  It’s a couple of miles. So that’s what we did.

You can see DH’s bike with the Extrawheel attached in the foreground. It had stopped raining but the wind was blowing hard from the north so it was cold, exceptionally so for May.

We pitched the tent near to the castle. It’s not a campsite, except for wedding guests so the ground was not flat but the tent went up well, However, during the night we were tending to slip down the slope a bit.

It was blowing a hoolie through the night and so we pitched it a bit lower and dropped the air vent flaps the next day. The tent worked really well, not letting in any rain, or the hailstones later on Saturday.

The was a severe frost overnight on Saturday but we were snug. I have one very minor modification to make to the rear flap above the rear entrance as it has a tendancy to flip over in strong wind.

We were going to stay out longer but family circumstances meant that we were needed at home so we decided to cycle back.

We largely followed NCN 52 back. I had to walk up the bank from Castleton but then the track along to Commondale was reasonable to cycle. We thought it might be a bit difficult with it’s rather potholed surface but the Extrawheel copied really well. I managed the climb out of Commondale but the next 20% hill defeated me and I had to walk the last third. Still in my sixth decade that’s not too bad. It took us 3 hours to get home, 23 miles which isn’t too bad considering the terrain. Many of the “racer lads” we saw said they wouldn’t  do it with a full load.


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