Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 12, 2012


Last week, after DH had his bike stolen, he cobbled together a bike from bits and pieces we had lying around. He has a runaround to go to his Mam’s now. This brought to mind my Dad who was of a similar ilke and could mend and reuse almost anything it seemed to me as a youngster. I seem to think that he inherited this ability from his grandfather, the man who was my dear Granda Pears. I can also see this ability in one of my sons.

When I outgrew the Royal Enfield, Dad bought a boys frame and transferred all the components to it for my younger brother.  It was a shiny black frame. I was treated to a new Kerry cycle with  3 speed Sturmey Archer hub gears. I remember I could choose from a red or a blue frame. I chose the blue. All of the cycles I have purchased in recent years came in one colour and it was take it or leave it.  You only seem to get a choice , if you buy a hand built and finished bike and can choose the colour or if you have a frame refinished. It must be something to do with mass production because even different specs of one type of bike , all seem to have the same coloured frame.

When DH was getting himself mobile again, he used an old Dawes Galaxy frame that he stripped off and has repainted  it with blue hammerite  paint. It doesn’t look at all flash but maybe this will be a deterrent  to would be thieves. It’s good to have skills and to be able to help ourselves and others.


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